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Top 10 Mining Safety Solution Companies In APAC - 2021

The mining landscape has undergone a seismic change. The industry's deeply ingrained traditional approaches that have served organizations so far might fall short of succeeding in the future. This has brought in major technological transformations in this space, with the trending offerings of AI, automation, and IoT percolating in the mining industry to reshape the future of mining.

Of the leading technology trends, today underground drones are very prominent. These are being used as mine scouts, working through the mines to look for caves, collect data and help in mapping processes. The drones have been proved to be very effective at recording gas levels, identifying geological features, and capturing high-quality visuals of the caves, thereby eliminating the need for human surveyors to perform these tasks in unsafe environments. Besides, automation has improved significantly in recent times, with intelligent mines running seamlessly with driverless trains, trucks, and other robotic assistants, reducing the human workers required. The benefit of automation is also prominent in data collection. This data includes information on mine conditions, inventory, fleet maintenance needs, and much more. With more automation, the data acquired will be more, leading to enhanced analysis, operating efficiencies, and safety. Though progress has been paramount in mining, the miners are still reliant significantly on explosives. To assure a successful blast and channelize the design process, several organizations depend on modern methodologies like projected fragmentation models, ore tracking systems, and environmental data that offer optimized blasting plans.

And while it has been a journey of immense transformations in the mining space, we have tried to bring out the top-in-class companies offering a wide array of solutions for mining safety. Our distinguished panel consisting of prominent CEOs and CIOs, analysts, VCs, including the editorial board of Metals and Mining Review, have compiled this edition to bring to light the best-in-class companies in APAC. Besides, the magazine comprises valuable insights from industry experts, CIOs, and CXOs on the current trends, technological improvements, and innovations and portrays their expertise.

To offer readers these inspiring stories and technology trends, Metals and Mining Review presents to you "Top 10 Mining Safety Solution Companies  in APAC - 2021".

    Top Mining Safety Solution Companies In APAC

  • Barminco is an international leader in hard rock underground mining, setting industry benchmarks in safety, service and knowledge. They present a wide array of offerings to help achieve incredible efficiency and safety in mining activities. Barminco’s high-speed development services offer unparallel safety, speed, and efficiency. Besides, their production mining services are also an asset for the clients, helping them maximize the value from underground hard rock mines. Over the years, Barminco has established itself as a full-service underground mining partner. What makes them capable of offering the best to their clients is the commitment to strive for the best and escalate the standards of safety, performance, and transparency each day

  • EZ Farm closely connects agricultural value chains by applying state-of-the-art technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to help improve visibility and avoid disruption in agricultural production, distribution, and consumption. By using blockchain, in particular, EZ Farm is creating a new and transparent agricultural supply chain ecosystem—enabling food producers, distributors, settlement businesses, and consumers to exercise an unprecedented level of non-counterfeiting data sovereignty. Riding on the bandwagon of this technology, even the agri-food flyers are feeling connected and adding step-by-step to create a more reliable value chain. At the core of EZ Farm’s agtech solutions is PigPlan, a production management system designed to collect, manage, and analyze data from pigs’ breeding cycles and improve the overall productivity of pig farms.

  • ME SAFE provides engineered solutions that bring safety and efficiency to operations in the mining and construction industries cost-efficiently. ME SAFE’s patent-pending long haul plug (LHP) solution is the only engineered solution to secure lost drill rods in up holes. It is installed with the production drill without any installation tools and provides an engineered solution to remove serious hazards to personnel and equipment in the underground mining industry. Going forward, the company is working on adding more innovative features and tools to mitigate some of the most commonly occurring problems in both the mining and construction industries

  • MineExcellence provides digital technology for mining industry – drilling, blasting, drone data analytics and mine safety. A leading technology provider in the end-to-end blasting technology space globally, the company helps its clients design, optimize, and analyze mine blasts. Its SaaS and mobile-based platforms are explicitly designed to benefit the mining industry. By combining state-of-the-art manufacturing with cutting-edge research, MineExcellence creates intrinsically safe specialized instrumentation and equipment that meets individual customer applications and requirements. With the technology from MineExcellence and the MineSafety line, the company will help lead their customers into a safer, more productive solution for the better of the industry

  • Established in 1987, Snowden Group has grown to be a mining advisory and software business that supports mining companies and their investors in evaluating new mines, improving the performance of existing operations and complying with regulatory requirements. With a team located in Perth, Brisbane, and Johannesburg, Snowden is obliged to its employees and customers who have taken the business to greater heights. The team has invested their time and technical skills in company’s growth and progressing services

  • BLH Safety Solutions

    BLH Safety Solutions

    BLH Safety Solutions have been global leaders in Dropped Object Prevention and industry pioneers in engineering innovation over two decades, specialising in developing solutions to injury and death caused by falling objects at workplaces/work-sites. For over 15 years, their team has been working within the food processing, mining, offshore, oil and gas, power and energy, transport and infrastructure and other heavy duty industries and in this time have placed safety as a top priority throughout the business. BLH Safety Solutions, today, proudly presents BLH Stop Drop Safety Barricading System, BLH Stop Drop Matting and BLH Guarding Systems to the market, which offer the holistic solution to a wide range of safety requirements

  • Coal Services

    Coal Services

    Coal Services is an industry owned organisation committed to providing preventative and responsive services and expertise to the NSW coal mining industry. They are dedicated to working in partnership with customers and stakeholders, aiming to provide a suite of health, safety, environment, and insurance solutions. Besides, Coal Services has statutory functions, as outlined within the NSW Coal Industry Act 2001. The functions include the provision of workers compensation, occupational health and rehabilitation services, collection of statistics, and provision of mines rescue emergency services and training to the NSW coal industry



    MICROMINE is a leading provider of innovative software solutions that span the breadth of the mining cycle from geological exploration and data management, to resource estimation, mine design, planning and production control. The company has grown steadily over 30 years to evolve as one of the leading mining software companies in the world. Their solutions are used at more than 2,000 sites across 90 countries. MICROMINE's software can help maximize the client's asset value, increase productivity and facilitate in offering reliable decisions. Besides, it is easy to use yet presents powerful capabilities

  • MineARC


    MineARC Systems is the global leader in controlled environments and safety technologies for the underground mining, tunnelling, chemical processing, disaster relief and biotechnology industries. They provide a holistic range of safety and emergency response solutions for mining, which strives to protect personnel and assist in safe and efficient extraction. MineARC is transforming the landscape of hard rock mining's safety with their GuardIAN Intelligence product range that includes site-wide remote disgnostics, real-time gas monitoring and personnel tracking

  • myosh


    myosh is a global vendor of environmental health and safety management (EHS) cloud-based software featuring easy to use interactive dashboards and mobile apps. For over 15 years, myosh has been able to manage and improve work safety significantly. It offers a highly flexible, configurable and cloud-based solution with more than 50 core modules. The customizable modules include Risk, Hazard Identification, Incident Investigations, Inspections, Injury & Training Management and many more. myosh facilitates better understanding and management of workplace safety by integrating hazards and incident reporting with investigations, actions and reporting